Friday, October 26, 2007

tastes like burning

Today, I learned first hand the dangers of ironing in the nude.

When doing such an activity, say, while in a hurry because you're already late due to your alarm that didn't go off (or, rather, it did, but you couldn't hear it because your cell phone was set to silent mode), it's best to stand a safe distance away from the ironing board. For, if you lean against said board while concentrating intently on the task at hand, your nakedness may come into contact with the iron and you, too, could sport an angry red line across your lower abdomen, just above your "lady garden".

So, unless you're into human branding or prone to freak ironing accidents as I seem to be (ask me about the time I burnt my scalp with a clothing iron), please avoid this painful and painfully embarrassing outcome by wearing clothing whilst ironing, or at least seriously consider, as I am, taking all your clothing to the drycleaners for pressing forevermore.

Let's leave such things to the professionals, shall we?