Thursday, October 23, 2008


There's no other way to put it: I'm bustin' out all over the place and NOT in a good way.

Chalk it up to the gluttony that comes with new love and a new job (think "Freshman 15") - I have slowly, but surely been packing it on. In the last eight years or so, I've consistently slid up and down the scale by anywhere from 5-30 lbs. I have great range, some would say. Har!

Because of my weight schizophrenia, my wardrobe consists of a three size spread and right now I'm at the UPPER upper end of the range, which renders a good 90% of the items in my closet unwearable, unless I want to subject friends, colleagues and strangers to my very own impression of a sausage. In fact, right now, as I sit typing this at my desk, I have a lovely case of Muffin Top going on. Sigh.

There have been many reasons for my weight gain/loss and a lot of it can be directly attributed to my emotional barometer. When I'm happy, I eat. When I'm sad, I eat. Except for when I'm REALLY sad - THEN, and only THEN do I lose my appetite.

I also love food. And I have a ginormous appetite. And a sweet tooth. And a salty tooth. It's all my Dad's fault! Deprivation will not work for me. I have absolutely zero willpower. And I can get mighty bitchy when I'm feeling deprived.

I'd need to be on a program that allows me treats or a cheat day. I've done Weight Watchers before because it seems to be the most reasonable program out there and I've had moderate success with it. The only problem is that it does involve organization, and lately I wouldn't call this one of my strong suits.

Seriously, the last year or two, I've gone from one of the most anal and organized people I know, to a total and utter organizational misfit. It boggles my mind how I got so bad: these days, it takes all my energy just to get out the door in the morning with my teeth brushed. Like today, for example. Ha!


Tomorrow, B leaves on a business trip for two weeks. Since I'll have a lot of alone time on my hands, I'm vowing now to use it for good instead of evil: I'm going to come up with a Game Plan.
The crux of my plan will revolve around getting my shit together. And that means ALL my shit, because it's all related. I've got to starting planning meals, activities, chores, outfits - everything. I think this will go a long way towards feeling better and in control of my life. Feeling empowered will help me stay positive and motivated to reach my goals. Oi, I'm starting to sound like Dr. Phil.
Hopefully the fact that I've blathered about it in a public forum will help me stay accountable. Anyhow, I'll keep you posted.

I also promise more fun(ny) posts and less drama, too. It's all part of the GP!