Thursday, April 3, 2008

the new roomie

My friend M recently accepted a diplomatic posting to Afghanistan for a year. An equally exciting and dangerous opportunity, it meant packing up her life and moving more than halfway around the world. It's a hard enough feat as it is, but harder still when there are dependents involved; namely, a cat. I know what this is like, as I've had to do this (too) many times myself. Giving a pet up is difficult, even if only temporarily, so I knew wanted to help.

Offering to take Pele (the cat) was not a completely altruistic act on my part: it is actually a mutually beneficial arrangement, as I'd been stealthfully priming J with the idea of getting a cat for a while. And since I'd met Pele a few times already, I had a good sense of his personality and I knew we'd all get along just fine. Luckily, my initial groundwork paid off and convincing J to take Pele in was just a formality.

When I brought Pele home after dropping M off at the airport, I fully expected him to go into hiding for a couple of days until he adjusted because that's what cats usually do. Not this cat, apparently. After being let out of his carrier, Pele inspected all of the rooms in the apartment and promptly lay down in a sunspot in the hallway. I could tell he was utterly traumatized. Ha!

Ten minutes later, J calls me into his room and I peek around the door to find this:

Even B, Mr. Imallergictocats can't resist Pele's charms, it seems. A couple Sundays ago, I came into the living room to this:

Pele is definitely one cool cat (now I know where the pun comes from!) He's laidback, affectionate and loves a good cuddle. He also likes to talk quite bit, too - mostly when he feels that we having been lax in our attentions. He and I have a routine where I come home from work and put him over my shoulders while I putter around the house. Pele seems to like this cuddle time and curls himself around my neck like a boa and nuzzles into my face, purring all the while.

M, Pele is in good hands and he's being spoiled silly. I just can't guarantee we'll give him up when the time comes withhout a fight! ;)


This little guy was making short work of the dead-ish tree outside our house the other day. The shot isn't too clear, as I took it from inside the house and the window is pretty grungey. By the time I got outside to get a better shot, he was gone.

shakespeare would be proud

About ten years ago (WAY before it was cool, I might add), I bought a set of magnetic fridge poetry for my very first apartment. I remember ordering it online, back when online shopping was new and unchartered territory for most, and paying some ridiculous price (in USD no less) on top of the even more ridiculous shipping and handling fee. I had visions of the many parties I would throw and imagined my guests congregating in the kitchen trying to come up with the wittiest of verse while getting tipsy from the drink. In reality, in the few short months that I lived in that apartment, I'm not sure that I had many guests, let alone parties, but I digress... After I moved from Toronto back to Ottawa, practically everything I owned went into storage - and stayed there - for several years, including my little box of fridge poetry.

Whilst going through my junk in preparation for the move to my current place, I came across the box once again. I couldn't have asked for a better find: the fridge in the new place is a little antiquated and its appearance leaves a little to be desired (I think its colour was called "almond" back in the 80s when it was at the height of appliance fashion). Once again, I had visions of all the parties I would throw and imagined my guests congregating in the kitchen trying to come up with the wittiest of verse while getting tipsy from the drink. This time, however, my dreams were realised!

The following is a sampling of the... er... "talent" of the people I surround myself with:

Very sweet.


Le sigh.

And then there's the usual suspects:

Knowing who authored this little ditty, I have to admit that I'm a bit surprised...
J, you naughty girl! ;)

I will not reveal the "muse" for this poem, but shall remind
certain individuals of the saying, "Those in glass houses..."