Monday, February 7, 2011

a girl's best friend's best friend.

(And by "girl's best friend" I mean jewelry - I can't say "diamonds" because I don't currently own any. Therefore, a "girl's best friend's best friend" would then refer to jewelry storage. Duh.)

My jewelry storage (if you can call it that) up to this point has been pretty sad. It has mainly consisted of
a couple of woven grass containers from Ikea overflowing with a jumbled mess of necklaces and earrings.
When I moved into the house, I attempted to become a little more organized and picked up a few plastic baskets from the dollar store, which quickly turned into another jumbled mess.

I'd been looking for a functional, yet stylish way to store/display my jewelry for a while, but never found anything that totally fit the bill. I wanted One Organizer To Fit Them All (sorry for the Lord of the Rings reference, I couldn't resist!) Then, about a month ago, I came across the perfect piece on Etsy (of course!)
Designed by Bluebirdheaven, this seller repurposes antique printing drawers into jewelry diplays not unlike shadow boxes. Having had one as a child, and I guess I never grew out of them because now I'm thrilled to have a big girl one!

Behold, the solution to all of my jewelry-related woes:

If ever I had a crush on an inanimate object, this would be it. It fits just about every piece I own and there's room for more. That, and it doubles as a pretty design piece. And if any of you have seen my home, you'd most certainly agree that I could use a few more pieces up on the walls. The words "austere","minimalist" and "clinical" have often come up in conversation. My excuse is that I don't want to slap stuff up on the walls as space fillers - I want to be thoughtful and find things I really love, like this piece. So there.

I suppose I'll have to come up with a solution once my collection expands even further, but I'll worry about that another time. For now, I just want to bask in the glow of this perfect find.