Thursday, November 29, 2007

four years

I was hoping today would sneak by unnoticed by me and melt away into the blur that has been the last litle while.

It didn't.

I noticed.

I'm not sure yet whether this is a good or bad thing. So, for now, until I decide definitively, it just is. Four years to the day. Has it really been that long? It has, hasn't it? I've now been out as long as I ever was in. What does this mean? Do I get to start fresh tomorrow? At zero? Clean slate?

Who's counting?

Only me.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

finding emo

So, my dear friend Miss J got tickets to see Fall Out Boy & Plain White T's for her birthday and was kind enough to ask me to accompany her. I was flattered and happy for the invitation, and thankful that the invite was not to accompany her to see Bon Jovi the following evening! (As most people who know me know that I loathe JBJ with the very essence of my being.)

Despite not really knowing much about either FOB or PWT except for a song or two, I did know that they represent all that is "emo". What exactly it is that constitutes a band/person being emo or not seems highly debatable. I don't really think anyone is sure. Ambiguity IS emo, apparently...

So, J and I arrive at the venue to find that we're at least twice the age of most of the concert goers. It was a little disconcerting to realise that I could be the mother (albeit teenaged) of most of the kids there. Everyone there was dressed the part (except us, of course): tight pants, skater-type sneakers, expertly coiffed shaggy hair, etc. I have to say, kids these days have a heck of a lot more creativity and courage when it comes to fashion than when I was their age. I was in awe of some of the girls and their rockin hairstyles and outfits. While J contemplated getting a "short-long" shag like the young girl sitting in front of us, I was daydreaming about getting my nose pierced. Heck, I still might. Nostalgia, anyone?

I bought J a birthday beer out on the concourse and we made our way to the arena door only to find that alcohol was not allowed into the venue - all ages show. Of course.

We quickly guzzled our beers and made it to our seats in time to see half the first opening band's set. Still not sure who they were. It was just a lot of loud guitars and the lead "singer" screaming incoherently into the mike while running around the stage with his hair in his face. Utterly forgettable.

Next up - Plain White T's. I was pleasantly surprised. Outside of their mainstream hit, "Hey There Delilah", I didn't know much about them, but they had quite a few catchy songs and some nice ballads, too. (Don't tell anyone, but I even went home that night and downloaded their last couple albums to have another listen.)

After a lengthy intermission, Fall Out Boy took the stage and they sure rocked it. The staging and pyrotechnics were awesome and the band was on their game. I have to say, Patrick Stump has an amazing voice. Once again, I was surprised to realise that I knew quite a few of their songs and LIKED them, too!

Here's some shots from the concert. I did have a video clip of PWT's "Hey There Delilah", but I encountered so many technical difficulties trying to upload the damn thing that I decided to nix the idea before I totally lost my mind.

OK, is this guy emo? Because he looks like he could be Bon Jovi's guitarist. Granted, there are some emo elements present: the hat, the vest, the tight pants. But what's with the deep v-neck shirt? He's got better cleavage than I do! And the pendant necklace?
A little too "Livin' on a Prayer", no? However, those pipes... YUM!
(Actually, his pipes are the only reason I included this pic.)

PWT's frontman, Tom Higgenson (and his unfortunate nose),
singing swoon-worthy hit "Hey There Delilah".

FOB's Mr. Wentz in all his emo glory. The hair, those lips... le sigh.
I never thought I'd admit this, but Pete Wentz is mighty dreamy!

Why does this shot make me think of Extreme's "More Than Words"?

Lookit all the purdy confetti!
All in all, I had a great time and I'm really thankful to J for taking me. I may be a little old for emo, but I don't care. It's catchy and it's fun to rock out to in your car when you're stuck in traffic on your morning commute to work.
What? Who said that? ;)